Spider Bush 42cm Green & White


The faux Spider Bush has lengthy, narrow leaves giving the plant a spider-like look. Green and variegated blades bring a flourishing display to a kitchen or enclosed porch.

This silk spider plant will brighten up any home or workplace, and with its beautiful variegated leaves, no one will guess that it’s artificial.
The spider plant (Latin name Chlorophytum comosum) may be native to tropical and southern Africa, but it has become a popular houseplant in the South Africa.
The plant stands at a total height of around 42 cm, and has a diameter of approximately 30 cm. You can guarantee that the leaves will never turn brown – an unfortunate problem with real spider plants – and even better, you don’t ever need to remember to water it! Comes with a short stalk approx. 5cm long for planting/anchoring into a decorative planter of your choice.

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