Matting Fern 30cmx30cm


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A stunning addition to any vertical wall garden, this is our Fern Wall Foliage. Constructed on a flexible plastic mesh for easy installation on even bumpy surfaces, it is packed with Fern leaves. The Fern Foliage measures 30cm tall by 30cm wide.

  • Lush detailed green leaves
  • Perfect for Vertical Wall Gardens

Super easy to install (the perfect DIY Product)

  Excellent Quality

  Stays green all year-round.

  Lifelike appearance.

  Instant Results.

  Highly durable and reusable in different areas.Perfect for walls, patios, balconies, and we can even build free standing INTERIOR hedges. Make your Hedge Walls and Vertical Gardens as large as you’d like – they are easy, and quick to join together (they can be cut to size using a pair of scissors), and provide instant results. Have instant greenery today.

Not Uv stable.

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