Lemon Tree 120cm


We have 57 in stock.

Our artificial lemon tree has beautifully coloured plastic lemons and it would make a delightful addition to your home or office. The deep green foliage has been manufactured with high-quality materials.

When it arrives:

Unpack: We will send your Lemon Tree safely and securely in a strong cardboard box. The plant and travel pot may have some additional wrapping to keep it secure in transit. First, remove all of the packaging and, if possible, recycle it.

Arrange: Your artificial Lemon Tree will arrive in a plain black pot and is cemented into this pot to provide stability and therefore is ok to be displayed straight out of the box, without much need for adjusting the leaves too much.

Add finishing touches:

We do suggest replanting into a more decorative plant pot to compliment your artificial Lemon tree.

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