Hanging Ivy Bush 112cm


We have 814 in stock.

Create a pleasing splash of freshness and charm in your patio, windows or columns with the help of our real touch artificial Ivy vines.

Whether you hang them as is or put it in a basket with other flowers, our collection of faux Ivy vines will energise your space and will delight every onlooker. They are super stylish and extremely fun to play with, and you can use your imagination to create an appealing décor design using these.

Your artificial ivy bush will arrive on a plastic wired spike making it much easier to plant into your potting medium. They are perfect to use in a hanging basket to trail down the side or a window box to add some green texture. If you would like to use our artificial ivy bushes to cover a trellis, the plastic spike will need to be hidden and secured behind the wood for a seamless look, you can simply cut it to the size you require.

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