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There are few trees as timeless and traditional as ficus trees. These gorgeous displays of greenery instantly warm up a home and give it a cozy, lived-in feeling. If you look around your home or office and feel like something is missing, it might just be a beautiful artificial ficus tree.

Growing a Ficus tree indoors can be challenging, especially if you don’t have enough time to devote to maintenance. This artificial version provides you with the same refreshing natural look but without continuous up-keep.

This top-quality Ficus Tree stands 1.35cm tall. It features a beautiful life-like trunk, creating a sophisticated and realistic look we love. Its foliage has light and dark tones of green, just like you would expect from the real deal.

Perfect for those areas of your apartment, home or office that need a splash of colour… after all, who has the time for real plant maintenance any more?

When it arrives:

Unpack: We will send your Ficus tree safely and securely in a cardboard box. The plant and travel pot may have some additional wrapping to keep it secure in transit. First, remove all of the packaging and, if possible, recycle it. Your artificial Ficus tree will arrive in a plain black pot.

Arrange: You will find that the leaves on the Ficus tree are pushed upwards when you remove it from the box. Most of our artificial plants have wired branches, fronds, and foliage which means you can simply bend or reshape them by hand until they are in the desired position.

Add finishing touches: We do suggest replanting into a more decorative plant pot to compliment your artificial Ficus tree.

We offer a large variety of premium plant pots in a mixture of shapes, sizes, and colours, so finding the perfect pot for your plant couldn’t be any easier!

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