Fern Horse Tail 75cm


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Here we have a stunning hanging Fern. Unlike most ferns which only have foliage rising upwards from the base, this Fern has several leaves which flow downwards. Spanning a total height of 75cm, this Fern has 30cm of height from the base of the stem to the top leaves and a 45cm overhang.

This Hanging Fern is a perfect addition to an artificial wall garden, balcony, bulkhead, and any area where you want to see both foliages rising from the top as well as delicate hanging leaves.

Featuring a light and dark, lush green foliage, this Hanging Horse Tail Fern spans 60cm in width, providing just the right amount of overhanging Fern leaves. Meticulous attention to detail means this looks as close as possible to the real thing… just without all the maintenance that comes with them! Ideal for placement in overhead areas where you can see the full effect of those long, flowing Fern leaves. Please note these Ferns comes packed tightly, so you will have to fold out the leaves to create this showpiece.

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