Calla Lily Tree 130cm


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For a beautiful ornament that is maintenance-free, you will love this artificial Calla Lily 130cm. It looks incredibly stunning at any room because of its detailed green leaves. Reaching 130 centimetres high, it suits as a display or accent piece.

Decorate your room with this lively and realistic artificial Calla Lily. It has stunning bold green leaves. Being 130 centimetres in height, this authentic-looking plant could look even more beautiful in your own decorative pot.


With lush and true-to-life green leaves it’s hard to tell it’s a fake plant! Lots of attention to detail has been given to these plants, from the leaf shape, detailing and overall stem placement so you get a nice natural coverage of leaves from top to bottom.
A great looking plant to add a splash of natural colour to your space.

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